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3 Rivers R & R is the Pittsburgh-based Reiki & reflexology practice of Pam Fagelson. Located in Pittsburgh’s East End, it is a place of healing and relaxation providing the gentlest effective reflexology treatments coupled with the powerful yet tranquil energy of Reiki and other energy medicine techniques.Untitled

Now is the time to be pro-active in achieving your best health. Experiencing the powerful and calming effects of a session with Pam at 3 Rivers will help you re-establish the balance your body, mind and spirit seek. As the stress is relieved, those nagging aches and pains you’ve come to accept as “part of life” will begin to disappear and a new clarity will be available to you.

Pam, a Gendai Reiki Shihan, provides a safe and loving environment where she begins by listening closely to her client’s description of their issues. These are usually pain-related, but often have stress, emotional or spiritual components as well. Through a variety of holistic health therapies, she offers the support needed by her client’s body and mind to re-establish a state of homeostasis — that natural balance necessary for good health and well-being.

Holistic Therapies:

Depending on the needs of the client, a session might include:
Reflexology. Reflexology techniques use gentle finger and thumb pressure on points in the feet, hands, and ears to release energetic blockages elsewhere in the body. Clients quickly experience relief from their stress and easing of their pain.

Gendai Reiki-Ho (Therapy). Reiki is that energy which is the essence of the universe. It supports all forms of life and has the vibrational characteristics of love, harmony and healing. It enables natural healing through restoration of balance to the body, mind and spirit. This restoration of balance manifests as a pervading sense of peace and tranquility for the client.

Chakra balancing. There are a variety of techniques used to normalize the energy flow of Chi within the physical and etheric bodies. The client often recognizes an immediate shift in how he or she feels and perceives the world.

Aromatherapy. Using aromatherapy raises the client’s vibration. In turn this enhances the immune system and strengthens the client’s mind, body, and spirit to withstand the stresses of our hectic modern life.

Counseling and Teaching. Pam shows her clients techniques they can take home to sustain their own treatment and progress on their healing paths. She empowers clients through teaching and sharing information enabling them to be actively responsible for their own health and well-being.

“I want people to find the joy in their own lives and that starts with finding balance physically, spiritually and emotionally. That balance brings healing. Reiki and reflexology are both powerful tools available to us all in reaching healing and a state of well-being.”


Through these holistic and energy services (Reiki, reflexology, counseling and teaching), clients normally experience:

• a release or ease of pain, (especially pain that is worsened by stress),
• relaxation and relief from anxiety
• empowerment thorough an increased control, ability and knowledge about how to manage their own health and to make wiser choices about their own lifestyle and well-being, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

During a consult, Pam helps her clients to recognize their own control over their life and personal well-being. Clients are empowered to initiate changes regarding their health and lifestyle. They also report continuing improvement in the days and weeks following a session.

“I really love helping people learn how to recognize what their bodies are telling them, both about themselves and about their lifestyles. By becoming aware of the messages we are getting from our bodies, both physical and spiritual, we can gift ourselves with a fuller, more enlightened and satisfying life experience.”