Its a Bad Season For Ticks in Pittsburgh

If you live in the Pittsburgh and south western Pennsylvania area you have been told that this year is bad for ticks. Hopefully you have only heard about them, and haven’t been bit!
Lyme Disease Pittsburgh Reflexology Therapy
Ticks are notorious carriers of LYME DISEASE. If you have been bitten by a Lyme disease infected tick and have symptoms of Lyme disease you are probably under the care of a clinical medical professional.

Dealing with symptoms of Lyme disease are terrible. There is however some relief through a completely drug free therapy, REFLEXOLOGY.

Reflexology therapy for Lyme disease symptoms is 100% holistic. Reflexology works by promoting relaxation, improving flow of blood via the neural pathways, and stimulate the immuno-response connecting affected body systems. Therapy can induce whole body healing.

Find out more about how Reflexology can help you and schedule a session today.