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Traditional Reflexology-Feet,Hands, Ears

60 minutes $65.00

Reflexology at 3 Rivers includes customized aromatherapy using the finest and purest essential oils from doTerra and Young Living. Pam selects the oils especially to address the aches and pains you bring that day. She also teaches you techniques to use on your own ears, hands, and feet so you can maintain that feeling of comfort and bliss you get from her session.

Acupoint Reflexology™

60 minutes $65.00
Acupoint Reflexology™ is the fusion of Traditional Chinese Medicine and reflexology. With the gentlest finger pressure on acupoints in your feet and ankles, Pam will help your body re-establish its natural healthful balance which will result in a profound level of relaxation and stress release.

PACKAGES (paid in advance)

3 sessions $165.00

6 sessions $300.00

Give one of the sessions as a gift for a friend or family member, or keep them all for yourself. Buy a 6-pack and save even more.


Loyal customers, refer 3 friends for sessions with Pam and get a free Relaxology™ session for yourself. Relaxology™ includes chakra and energy balancing, aromatherapy, and integrated reflexology on your face, ears, hands and feet.




60 minutes $70.00

A spa treatment combination of
· aromatherapy,
· energy balancing, and
· reflexology.

Aromatherapy soothes your frazzled nerves. Energy techniques balance your chakras and realign the energy flow throughout your body. Then face, ear, hand and foot reflexology addresses sore and congested areas resulting from the stresses of life. The session includes an essential oil finish.



60-minute session
While Reiki naturally combines in REFLEXOLOGY and RELAXOLOGY™
sessions, it is also available separately.

Gendai Reiki Training with Attunements

Shoden (Level 1) includes the book “A Modern Reiki Method for Healing” by Hiroshi Doi


Okuden (Level 2)  $200.00

Shinpiden (Master Level)  $250.00

Gokuikiden (Master Teacher Level)   $600.00


All Major Credit Cards Accepted