First Aid for Headaches

Headache is likely the most frequent pain suffered by the human race. Whether the common garden variety or the misery-reducing migraine, headache pain is something common to us all. While we usually resort to one of the offerings from the drug or grocery store pharmacy shelves, we actually need look no further than our own hands, ears, or feet for relief in many cases.

For decades, people have been reporting relief from their headaches by the use of reflexology.Reflexology is based on the principle that different places in your feet, hands, and ears correspond to different parts of your body. These areas are called reflexes or reflex areas. By applying proper finger and thumb pressure on the appropriate reflex areas, many people report relief in the corresponding Reflexes in the hands particularly have long been used to control or reduce headache pain. The most effective headache reflex to work is the web of the hand, that area of skin between the index finger and the thumb. By working this entire area for about 5 minutes on one hand and then 5 minutes on the other hand, most headaches disappear. The proper pressure technique is to place the web between the thumb and forefinger of the opposite hand with the thumb on the palm side. Gently pinch the web of skin between the tips of the thumb and the index finger of your working hand. With gentle finger
pressure you are looking for slightly tender areas in that large web. Even if the area is not tender, working it can still be quite helpful and effective in eliminating headaches. This working motion is not intended to be painful in itself, so press firmly but not painfully.After working the web of the hand, moving to the fingers is a natural and effective action. Use a similar pinscher motion to travel gently up and down all four sides of each finger and thumb from top to base. Gently rotate each finger as you finish. Next gently pull on your earlobes for 2-3 minutes, both ears simultaneously if possible. Be sure to remove any earrings first. Finally, work the top part of each big toe and the upper parts of all the toes. You have now worked all the reflexes specific to the head. The suggestions above will usually help most common headaches. More difficult headaches such as tension headaches, muscle strain headaches, blood-sugar related headaches and migraines often require additional work. These specific headaches will be discussed in another entry.

Grateful acknowledgement to Bill Flocco, American Academy of Reflexology, for material excerpted from various of his publications.