Some Holistic Biker’s (cyclist) Remedies

I am recently returned to biking after more years than my combined grandchildren’s ages and I’ve
discovered I’m an addict. After a few weeks of riding, I’ve gotten myself up to a respectable 30 miles per
ride at a decent speed. I’ve also discovered that my low back has biking issues.

After my most recent 30+ ride, by the time I had gotten back home I realized my low back was hurting
BADLY. I did a long soak in a hot bath and it was a few hours later that I realized that my back was
hurting way soon to simply be muscle strain. It was apparent that I’d developed a spasm in my mid to
low back area. Thankfully it only hurt in certain directions and with certain actions.

About this same time I realized that I didn’t have to hurt quite so much. I am a reflexologist, aren’t I? So
I set about working on my feet. Fortunately I could reach them without difficulty and I quickly realized
the source of my problem were lumbosacral muscles. The area I worked was recognizable by sensitivity
under my thumb, and a bit of swelling along the inner edge of my foot just in front of my heel. After
half an hour or so of work, my back was considerably improved. However, I’ve never been one to limit
my options, so I checked out my essential oils books. There I discovered that basil oil was suggested for
muscle spasms. This turned out to be a real find. In less than 5 minutes the remainder of my muscle
spasm was gone and my back was considerably improved.

The next day at the gym I saw my trainer and told her about my experience. I asked for suggestions for
dealing with this in the future. She recommended some pelvic shift exercises which were easy to do. At first they were painful, so I knew I was on the right track. Never having been a fan of pain, I did the exercises gently and didn’t push the issue. But with every try, the pain lessened.

I did continue to work my feet gently from time to time over the next day or so, and use basil oil on my back in the evening and morning. I found that I could do the pelvic shifts while riding my bike. This was helpful when I went out riding two days later and did 20+ miles.

This past weekend I did 50+ miles and the spasm has never returned, although my lumbar spine does get touchy from time to time. I’ve added basil to the oil first aid kit that rides in my bike pack. I happily share my info with other riders and my tiny first aid kit is available to anyone in need.