Holistic Medicine Can Help Relieve PMS

There are few women who have not suffered from PMS at some point in their lives. The lucky ones only have a few days of relatively minor discomfort, but entirely too many women suffer severely on a monthly basis. There is now clinical evidence to support the benefits of reflexology in dealing with these miserable symptoms.

According to the principles of reflexology, the hands, feet and ears have places, called “reflexes,” which correspond to all other parts of the body. By working these reflexes with gentle finger and thumb pressure, imbalances in the corresponding parts of the body can be corrected, thereby relieving

While the most effective benefits would come from an experienced trained reflexologist, more immediate relief can be achieved by the woman herself using reflexology techniques on her own hands and ears. Five to 10 minutes a day, every day, is often helpful in the self-use of reflexology for PMS symptoms. And how should she do this?

On the feet, thumb pressure can be applied to the inner ankle, halfway between the ankle bone and the heel. This is a large area about the size of a silver dollar which has the reflexes for the uterus. The corresponding outer side of the ankle is the reflex for the ovaries. This area might also be sensitive and can be worked with gentle finger or thumb pressure as well. Pressure should be applied gently and firmly while rolling the thumb from joint to fingertip and moving it across the area of the reflex. This motion is often called “thumb walking” and accurately describes how it is done.

On the hands, thumb pressure can be applied at the base of the inner edge of the hand where the long bone below the thumb joins the wrist. This is the reflex area for the uterus on the hand. Although the area is smaller, the same “thumb walking” motion can be used here.

On the ears, place simultaneous gentle pressure on the front and back of the triangular groove with the tips of the thumb and index finger. Once again, this is the location of the reflex for the uterus. Because this area is so small, simply holding it between the pads of the thumb and index finger should be adequate.

If any of these areas are sensitive to touch, continue to hold or work across with gentle pressure until the sensitivity is gone. In the ears particularly, expect to feel a relaxation sensation. While it is always most pleasant to have someone else do reflexology on you, one of the benefits of this practice is that it can be worked on yourself, inconspicuously and effectively, almost any time or place.

Grateful acknowledgement to Bill Flocco, American Academy of Reflexology, for material excerpted from various of his publications.