Introducing Acupoint Reflexology™

Pam has just completed the initial level of training in Acupoint Reflexology™, making 3 Rivers R & R the first practice in the Pittsburgh area to offer this amazing therapy.
chinese acupoint pittsburgh
Acupoint Reflexology™ incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles of acupoints, meridians, and energy balancing into traditional reflexology, resulting in sessions that take the client to an even deeper level of relaxation and healing.

For modern day clients, Acupoint Reflexology™ has balancing protocols to address the change of season and the stress this brings. Pam regularly offers this along with immune balancing and other protocols specific to a client’s current needs.

Pam’s clients now regularly report being able to feel energy move through their body during these sessions. All clients who have experienced both traditional and Acupoint Reflexology™ from Pam have reported that the acupoint modality brings them to “a different level of relaxation” and in many cases relief of symptoms even more quickly than with traditional reflexology.

A long-standing client of traditional reflexology texted, “I have to tell [you that] after my [acupoint] foot appointment I went to dinner and my friends said I never looked so calm in my life in my face and body actions. I mentioned you and they were astonished.”

Another client who has previously experienced acupuncture reported that the Acupoint Reflexology™ had the same therapeutic effect but without the side effects she had experience with the use of needles.

Clients agree with the lady who described her session as “A calm state of awareness. Sleep awesome. Very calm to awake even today…. I loved my session. Thank you so much!”