Natural Ways To Relieve Stress Part 2/5

Expression of Stress

Each person experiences stress differently, and it is important that we each become able to identify signs of stress in our own bodies and lives. These are major clues to our overall well-being.

Physical signs may include:
• Increased heart rate and blood pressure, palpitations
• Headache
• Sweating
• Stomach pains/problems
• Loss of appetite/comfort eating
• Stiff, aching muscles and joints
• Recurring infections
• Aggravation of chronic illnesses, e.g., psoriasis, eczema, diabetes, chronic pain

Psychological signs may include:
• Tiredness
• Feeling unenthusiastic
• Lack of concentration
• Memory problems
• Constant anxiety
• Restlessness
• Low spirits

Behavioral signs may include:
• Sleeplessness
• Aggressiveness, irritability
• Indecisiveness
• Loss of sex drive
• Increased use of stimulants (coffee, tobacco, alcohol)
• Lack of humor/sense of fun