Why Olympic Athletes Have Their Ears Rubbed Before an Event.

Yes, as this video from NBC proves, Lipnitskaia received an ear rub from her coach before stepping on the ice. As odd as it might seem, it’s actually a fairly standard practice in Russia. Coaches will often rub the ears of their athletes, supposedly because it keeps them calm and relaxed. You can see a similar rub in this photo of a Russian gymnast (via GoldenSkate).

Those readers who’ve had professional massages in the past might notice it as well. It’s a common technique to hit pressure points and reduce stress.

This particular rub, sadly, did not help Lipnitskaia put herself into position to win gold. Lipnitskaia has a long way to go to reach the podium considering she’s 3.4 points behind Gracie Gold, the 18-year-old American in fourth place….Read More Here on The Yahoo News Article