Meet Pam

Pittsburgh Reflexology and Reiki Teacher

Pam Fagelson, MPH, RMT, ARCB-certified reflexologist, is the principal at 3 Rivers R&R, a Reiki Master/Teacher and nationally certified reflexologist.

She completed her master’s degree in public health at Johns Hopkins University and had a successful career in federal public health agencies including Indian Health Service and the Food and Drug Administration.

After relocating to Pittsburgh, Pam was attuned as a Reiki/Master Teacher and began her training in reflexology at the International Institute of Reflexology. She has since become a nationally board certified reflexologist and a certified Sacred Childbirth with Reiki practitioner. Pam is a member of the Reflexology Association of America, the International Council of Reflexologists and the Pennsylvania and Maryland state reflexology organizations. She has also studied Eden Energy Medicine and acupressure.

Additionally, Pam is an experienced public speaker and workshop facilitator for a variety of subjects including seasonal affective disorder (SAD). She welcomes the opportunity to introduce Reiki, reflexology and coping strategies for SAD to the members of your club or group.

Here are the most frequently asked questions Pam gets about her work.

What is it that I do
I make your feet happy, and by extension, make the rest of you feel better too.

How do I do what I do
Through an intricate combination of reflexology, Reiki, energy work and chakra balancing, and aromatherapy, I offer your body the support it needs to re-establish its state of homeostasis, the natural balance necessary for good health and well-being.  Reflexology uses gentle finger and thumb pressure on points in the feet, hands, face, and ears to remove energetic blockages in all parts of the body, leading to release of stress and pain.  Reiki energy also enables a release of stress and creates a wonderfully calm feeling of the body and spirit.  Energy and chakra balancing rely on many traditional healing practices to normalize the energy flow of chi within the physical and etheric body, often causing the client to recognize an immediate change in how he or she feels.  Aromatherapy is used to raise the client’s vibration which has been shown to enhance the immune system and strengthen the client’s mind, body, and spirit.

Why do I do it 
I do this work because I like to see people happy.  I strongly believe that people are happy when they are empowered and able to have valid input into their own well-being.  Holistic health sessions provide my clients with an opportunity to learn and me with an opportunity to teach them about alternatives for living a healthier and happier life.

What are the benefits of what I do
By utilizing the holistic and energy services that I offer, clients may experience a release or abatement of pain, especially any that is exacerbated by stress. Through the teaching that I do as I work with my clients, they learn and become empowered to have more control over their own health and make wiser choices about their own lifestyle and well-being, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Why choose me
Through my training and experience as a board certified reflexologist, Reiki Master Teacher, energy medicine practitioner and aromatherapist, I offer clients a warm, supportive and safe environment in which to experience complementary health treatments and make discoveries about their lifestyle and the choices they can make which will influence their health and well-being.