Reflexology Reaches More Than Just Physical Ailments

In a recent article discussing PTSD, reflexology is mentioned as a relieving therapy. Learn more about Reflexology with Pam Fagelson at # Rivers Reiki and Reflexology schedule a session today 412-501-FEET

Reiki I Class In Pittsburgh at Raion Zou

Our next Reiki I class will be held t at Raion Zou in Coraopolis from 10am until 1pm in the afternoon. To register please call Pam at 240-994-7079.

March 28th
April 8th
April 15th

Raion Zou in Coraopolis

Has Reiki Been Calling to You?

Are you feeling ready to make to make some positive changes in your life?

Learning Reiki could be the answer. Pam Fagelson Reiki Master will be holding classes in Edgewood and Coraopolis. Each series is three 3-hour meetings. Class groups are small to best meet your needs as you start on this amazing practice.

Call Pam at 240-994-7079 for more information and to get ready for this life-changing experience.

Discover Reflexology and How it Can Help You

In a recent article we learn about Reflexology and what it is. The same therapy discussed in the above article is available in Pittsburgh.

It’s time to discover how reflexology can help you! More than a massage – More than aromatherapy – ReflexologyCALL US TODAY 412-501-3338

End of Summer Reflexology Can Help Reduce Stress

Schedule a reflexology session with Pam in her Local Pittsburgh Therapy center. The summer is lots of fun, but can be stressful too. Help reduce your built up stress from a long fun summer. Call us Today 412-501-FEET

A Late Summer Solar Eclipse Can Be a Fresh Start

This year has given us a celestial treat, the solar eclipse. Many people took time to experience this event. It was an opportunity for science and faith to come together and bask in the majesty of the Solar Eclipse.

The eclipse can also be a time to start new energizing experiences. Much like the way science and faith came together for the eclipse you can begin to embrace a more holistic approach to energy. Reiki can be a great way to learn about the energy that can be used in your own body. Reflexology is another holistic therapy that can help alleviate many of the symptoms and stressors of life.

Call 3 Rivers Reiki and Reflexology to schedule a therapy session and begin to find your new energy.

Holistic Method To Help With Crying Babies – Learn Reflexology

In a recent article we are introduced to the benefits of reflexology and babies. Now you can learn how to soothe a cranky baby. A completely Holistic method, Reflexology. Learn how reflexology can help with your baby and then schedule a session with Pam to get started.

Get To Know How Reflexology Can Help Illnesses

In a recent article we find that a Reflexology Session can help with whole body healing.
Schedule a Reflexology Session with Pam Today!

Its a Bad Season For Ticks in Pittsburgh

If you live in the Pittsburgh and south western Pennsylvania area you have been told that this year is bad for ticks. Hopefully you have only heard about them, and haven’t been bit!
Lyme Disease Pittsburgh Reflexology Therapy
Ticks are notorious carriers of LYME DISEASE. If you have been bitten by a Lyme disease infected tick and have symptoms of Lyme disease you are probably under the care of a clinical medical professional.

Dealing with symptoms of Lyme disease are terrible. There is however some relief through a completely drug free therapy, REFLEXOLOGY.

Reflexology therapy for Lyme disease symptoms is 100% holistic. Reflexology works by promoting relaxation, improving flow of blood via the neural pathways, and stimulate the immuno-response connecting affected body systems. Therapy can induce whole body healing.

Find out more about how Reflexology can help you and schedule a session today.

Reiki In Pittsburgh Can Help You Heal

Pittsburgh Reiki Master Pam Fagelson can offer the same Reiki Healing Sessions mentioned in an article in the Daily Item.
Call Pittsburgh Reiki Master Pam Fagelson Today to schedule a session. 412-501-3338

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