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Happy Feet Parties and Celebrations


What more perfect gift could you give that special couple than relaxation and tranquility on their big day?

A reflexology session the day before, or even the morning of the ceremony will enable the happy couple to focus joyfully on their marriage celebration.

Reflexology can be provided at the home, the church, or wherever the bridal party is dressing. A session lasting 45 minutes will relax both the bride and groom, and provide the perfect extra touch of pampering they deserve on their big day.


“Happy Feet” PARTIES

Need an excuse to get some friends together? How about a “Happy Feet” Party?

Enjoy each other’s good company while you bliss out with a foot or hand reflexology session and laugh in amazement at what your feet tell about you!

Serve some healthy food  (or not ;-) ) and relax while you do something great for yourself and the folks you appreciate.

Have you scheduled an event and want to add the touch that will leave everybody talking about your gathering?

Have you ever wondered why your foot is shaped like that, or if that bump or slanted toe has any significance? Foot workers have wondered for years about the same things, and now they know. Foot reading can’t tell you that you’ll marry a plumber and have 6 kids, but you’ll be delighted and amazed at what your feet really do know about you! Come for a reading and stay for some reflexology. Your feet have as much to say about you as they do to you!

Add reflexology and foot reading to your:

  • Bridal shower
  • Card party
  • Baby shower
  • Ladies Night Out

Pam will come to you at your home or venue. Have at least 4 guests besides yourself and your session is free! $35 per person for a 30-minute session.

Click here for email or phone Pam at 412-501-3338 (FEET) for details.

*non-smoking environments only please.