Reflexology and Reiki for Mothers Part 2/4


No one is stressed like a new mom. Between that little bundle of joy who has no concept of sleeping nights or schedules, she has to deal with her own internal hormone system trying to reestablish its balance. New moms have no time or place to escape to, and so babies are always welcome at 3 Rivers. It usually happens that mom and baby both get a good nap while Pam works her magic.

Each of the services offered at 3 Rivers, integrated reflexology, Reiki, and aromatherapy, has its own unique means of helping establish hormonal, physical and emotional balance in mom’s overstressed self. The gentle energy of Reiki supports the soothing touch of reflexology in establishing a safe, quiet and tranquil space for mother and child. The subtle fragrances of essential oils have long been known as a holistic means to banish anxiety and stress, and Pam uses them selectively to suit the mood and needs of her clients.

Young humans instinctively gravitate to their mother’s touch and early days is the perfect time for mom to introduce the benefits of reflexology. Pam is experienced in teaching new moms techniques to calm and soothe their infants, and both mother and baby benefit from the bond created in this loving practice. A few gentle strokes in just the right places can restore peace and tranquility in minutes.