Reflexology and Reiki for Mothers Part 3/4


Mom takes care of everybody, but who takes care of her? For years now she has managed the lives of those near and dear to her. She has been the chauffeur, chef, family negotiator, treasurer, events organizer, animal manager and cleaning service. And in today’s world, she has likely brought in a paycheck as well. There isn’t a mom today who would deny that she lives a stress-filled life on all fronts, and after all these years, stress can take its toll.

At the very least, mom is subject to the aches and pains that daily stress causes. In some cases, stress can manifest in more serious health issues. It is vital to pay attention to those minor aches and pains lest them become major.

Integrated reflexology where the practitioner works ears, hands and feet is uniquely suited for helping an over-taxed body restore itself to a balanced, healthy state. A well-trained reflexologist like Pam at 3 Rivers has learned protocols to help her client’s body release the effects of stress. In addition, she can address specific ailments ranging from sinus issues to sore feet. In many cases, a series of regularly scheduled appointments can work wonders and Pam makes sure that her clients leave a session with information about how to maintain their newly-restored peace of mind.

Good health and a well-balanced emotional state are too important to be saved for the once-a-year Mother’s Day gift. Mom should be taking care of herself with a regular, at least monthly, reflexology treatment.