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Reflexology Research

Bamboo Road: A great PIttsburgh practice offering acupuncture, Reconnective Healing and other techniques to improve your health and well-being.

Heart of Pittsburgh: A showcase of local events and interesting websites here in Pittsburgh.

Heart and Sole Connections: THE place for reflexology in Carroll County, MD and the Greater Baltimore area.


Body, Mind, Spirit Directory features holistic, wholistic and natural medicine therapies and forms of healing; infoholix health news reports about shortcomings of allopathic medicine and alternatives offered by complementary medicine.

International Institute of Reflexology: was founded by Dwight Byers, nephew of the late Eunice Ingham who developed reflexology as it is taught in the West today.  It offers training via seminars throughout the US.

Reflexology Association of America:  since 1995, the pre-eminent national professional association dedicated to unifying all reflexologists for the recognition, excellence and professional strength of Reflexology.

International Council of Reflexologistsan international organization founded to meet the needs of the Reflexology Profession by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and information; convening biennial international conferences; and promoting World Reflexology Week.

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