Energy Medicine medicine, an umbrella term for a variety of complementary and alternative healing therapies, based on the principle that all matter is essentially energy. This means that the human body and all its component parts, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, are all energy based.

Traditional medicine practitioners, healers to the human race prior to the 20th century, knew this intuitively. They realized that a human being was more just a physical body. They recognized the energetic components as manifested in emotions, behavior, beliefs, and diet. These healers honored the energetic principle of homeostasis. In other words, they knew that the body and all its parts seek balance within itself and with its environment, and that the degree of balance which a body demonstrates manifests as that body’s state of health or dis-ease.

These early healers and their patients lived in a closer relationship to nature and respected the connectedness of the universe. It has only been in recent years that the developers of quantum physics have come to realize this principle of unity. Likewise in medical research, today’s high-tech energy tools have been able to identify the validity of meridians, chakras, and auras, the building blocks of energy medicine.

Sparked by her interest in Reiki and reflexology, Pam continues to expand her learning about traditional energy medicine as taught by contemporary teachers and shamans. Acupressure, chakra balancing, energy release and aromatherapy are among the techniques she incorporates with Reiki and reflexology to identify and correct energetic imbalances. Always, she takes great care to match the therapeutic technique with the client’s need.

Pam joyfully shares what she has learned and practices. She strives to educate her clients, counseling and teaching simple techniques which can have an important impact on their wellness. An active member of the Pittsburgh holistic community, Pam has many colleagues and contacts to whom she can make referrals should a client need or desire more specialized information.