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Reiki Classes

Reiki Sessions and Classes

60-minute session

While Reiki naturally combines in reflexology and RELAXOLOGY™ sessions, it is also available separately.

Gendai Reiki Training

The Gendai Reiki tradition has four levels. Each level is taken in order and requires the attunements from the previous level.

The first level, called Shoden, gives the student a grounding in the history and principles of Reiki. The focus of the first level is self-healing, and the student learns hand positions to use on themselves and others for a Reiki treatment. The Shoden attunement opens the Reiki path within the student and teaches practices which support the student’s spiritual growth.

The three Reiki symbols are introduced in Okuden, the second level. Students are attuned with the symbols and taught how to use them. They learn more advanced Reiki practices including distant and group healing and purification techniques. Additional meditations are taught which strengthen the Reiki healing ability and help the student progress in spiritual enlightenment.

In Shipiden, the third level, the student is attuned with the Master symbol. Using this powerful symbol elevates connection to higher Reiki vibration and further strengthens the foundation of the student’s spiritual growth. Focus at this level is on deeper spiritual enlightenment which intensifies the student’s healing ability, both for the self and for others.

The highest level is Gokuikaiden where the student truly begins to live more fully in the Reiki energy. Attuned at this level, the student is called “Shihan” or master and is taught how to train and attune new Reiki practitioners. More significantly, the new shihan begins to develop a deeper understanding of the principles and purposes of Reiki and recognize and apply them in all aspects of life.


All classes at 3 Rivers are purposely kept small to enable individual training and a close relationship to develop between student and teacher. Each class begins about 10 am and lasts a full day. The student must contact Pam beforehand for introduction at which time exact scheduling can be done. Gendai training is available both to aspiring Reiki practitioners and to those already attuned in other Reiki practices.

Shoden (Level 1) -includes the book “A Modern Reiki Method for Healing” By: Hiroshi Doi
Okuden (Level 2)
Shinpiden (Master Level)
Gokuikiden (Master Teacher Level)