Reflexology and Reiki for Mothers Part 1/4

Mother’s Day is coming up and if you are a really lucky mom, in addition to those wonderful little
handmade goodies your adoring kids gave you, your considerate partner included a gift
certificate for a reflexology session.

Likely the point of the gift was to have you “pamper yourself”, but if you are savvy, you know
that your favorite reflexologist is a resource that extends far past just a relaxing afternoon. Your
local practitioner at 3 Rivers Reiki & Reflexology has knowledge and skills which are a
continuing resource supporting your hectic lifestyle at all stages of motherhood.


The excitement of your announcement has barely died away when you begin to experience the
changes you will undergo in the coming months.

At 3 Rivers R&R, Pam uses her knowledge of aromatherapy and essential oils to ease sore
breasts and help with eventual stretch marks. An upset stomach, often when empty in the
morning but possibly lasting all day, can be eased with a gentle combination of integrated
reflexology and oils. The same is true for heartburn.

Anxiety comes and goes throughout pregnancy and ear reflexology is uniquely effective for
calming nerves and roller-coaster hormones.

As the baby grows and your body adjusts to its increased burden, backaches, swollen feet and
insomnia mark the last stages of pregnancy. Reflexology has particular techniques for releasing
fluid buildup in tissues and easing stretched muscles. The special relaxation that comes from a
reflexology session promotes better rest and deeper sleep.

Finally if your little bundle of joy missed the email about the due date, with your health care
provider’s agreement, Pam has a few tricks to encourage the little one’s debut. Of course,
nothing can be guaranteed, but a gentle nudge can be offered and, if all else is ready, perhaps it
will be enough to get things moving.