Reflexology and Reiki for Mothers Part 4/4


Elders particularly enjoy the gentle soothing energy of Reiki coupled with the loving touch of
reflexology. Reiki gently wraps a client in sense of peace and tranquility, softly easing the
stress and anxiety of long-term aches and pains. Feet long abused by a busy lifestyle find rest
and relief in Pam’s hands. She has been uniquely trained to address issues being experienced
by older clients. Her lightest touch applied to specific reflex points on the ears, hands and feet
can help ease long-standing aches and pains. She uses hand-crafted lotions for delicate older
skin and only the finest essential oils to help address issues particular to elders.

No sacrifice was too great in the care of her children and now our elder moms deserve the best,
gentlest and most effective care we can provide for them. The holistic combination of integrated
reflexology, Reiki and aromatherapy available at 3 Rivers Reiki & Reflexology can ease and
relieve the aches and pains that have come on the trip down life’s highway.