Sinus Help Right at Hand

Spring has finally arrived, and if you’re among the thousands of folks with allergies, whether to the beautiful blossoms or to the old leaves that finally need to be raked up, your sinuses are letting you know for sure that spring is here. You have likely started sneezing. Your head is probably stopped up, or alternatively, your sinuses are draining and you feel like you’re drowning. The usual response to any or all of these symptoms is to reach for your allergy pills. Antihistamines take care of some of them. Decongestants take care of others, and all of them put chemicals into your body. If, however, you’d like to try a method that works as well, has no dangerous side effects and is free, let me introduce you to some self-help reflexology techniques.

Reflexology is one of the cheapest, easiest and most effective means of dealing with sinus issues. You don’t even have to use your feet either. Reflexology can be practiced on the ears, hands or feet, and some of the best places to deal with sinus problems are on your fingers and your ears.

Because the sinuses are located in your head, the sinus reflexes on the hands are located on the fingertips. If you look on a reflexology map of the hand, you’ll see that the fingers correspond to the head. So, the easiest way to treat your sinuses is to massage the topmost pad of your fingers and your thumb with the thumb of your opposite hand. You will naturally hold your fingertip between the thumb and fingers of the opposite hand and that’s fine. Just “walk” your working thumb from your fingertip down to the first joint in a motion like a caterpillar walking.

Use a comfortable pressure. Reflexology shouldn’t hurt. If the pads of your fingers or thumbs are sore, that indicates that there something going on in the sinuses. Work all fingers and thumbs several times. The soreness will lessen and your symptoms should begin to improve soon after.

Because the hands and feet are similar, if you can get someone to work this technique on the tips of your toes, go for it! It will feel wonderful and your sinuses will improve too.

Ear reflexology is a little bit different. There is a single point on the ears for allergies and this point can be worked for all allergies, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. It is located at the topmost tip of the ear under the fold. I call this the “Spock point” after Mr. Spock in Star Trek. Hold this spot with your thumb in the fold and fingers on the top side of your ear. Rub with your thumb in small circles. You may or may not feel any soreness here. It isn’t necessary to do both ears at the same time and work just as long as your are comfortable.

These are just a couple of quick tips for using reflexology to enhance your health and well-being. Enjoy!