Clients Say…

. . . I wanted to take a moment and thank you for yesterday’s treatment. I slept like a baby last night, didn’t wake up until the morning. Ahhhhh. My neck feels 95% better and so does my sciatica. No more pain down my leg. . . I will definitely be back to see you.

Alexis S, Duquesne, PA


“…I have not felt as relaxed as I did after our session on Saturday in years. I slept about 12 hours Sat night because I felt so good.

Jeff, Brighton Heights

“…[when hosting people from out of town]… Before touring some of the marvelous sites our most livable city has to offer, why not relax for an hour of reflexology at 3 Rivers R & R? Your feet will feel as if you’re walking on a cloud for the rest of the sight-seeing venture, and your whole body will be so relaxed that nothing…not even the closure of the Squirrel Hill Tunnels or the Liberty Tubes…will rob you of your sense of peace and well-being.  This was a marvelous addition to our delightful reunion!  …And that’s the truth!”


“My plantar fasciitis had been bothering me for months. I had gone to a podiatrist, who gave me orthotic inserts for my shoes. These helped — but the problem wasn’t going away. I found that right after getting the plantar fasciitis treatments from Pam, that my feet very quickly felt much better. She also taught me a series of stretching exercises that have been incredibly helpful in loosening up my heels, and strengthening my feet.
One of the things I missed the most when my plantar fasciitis came was playing weekly pickup soccer games with my friends. As a result of Pam’s treatment, I’m now back playing again.”

FE, Pittsburgh


“Pam, you are so gifted! My session with you was wonderful. I felt like I was walking on air for days. I still feel the effects: increased clarity & feelings of health; much more stamina; stress isn’t affecting me as much. I’ve been sleeping much better. I felt no negative effects at all. . . I will be coming on a regular basis.”

MR, Pittsburgh


“I had several physical injuries last year (broken nose and ribs) and Pam helped me work through the aftermath. Her gentle foot work created a release of toxins built up around the injured areas’ reflex places on my feet; helping me feel more myself again. Thank you, Pam”

JC, Oakmont


“. . . [a] euphoric hour . . .”

PK, Pittsburgh


“I have had several Reflexology sessions with Pam, and each has left me refreshed, relaxed and with increased energy. If I lived closer to Pam, I would make time for a weekly session, but, alas, she is in Pittsburgh, PA, and I live in Louisville, KY!!”

JCS, Louisville, KY