Its Time To Start Accepting Reflexology

In a recent article in the Daily Star, Steve Watson, a 22-year-old discus thrower had his 2016 Olympic dream smashed after he injured his spinal discs during training.

Steve said: “Like many, prior to the reflexology treatment I was a real sceptic, and now I’m kicking myself for not trying it much earlier following my injury.

I would strongly recommend alternative treatments to anyone who has been let down by conventional treatment.”

Reflexology has been sweeping through Europe and the UK. As we start to embrace a cleaner style of living, we will start to see changes in the way we treat our ailments. As per the norm, the west coast has seen an influx of Reflexology and Holistic medicine and therapies, in advance of the east coast.

Wait no longer. The holistic medicine and other energy medicines are available now. 3 Rivers R and R can offer you answers about Reflexology as well as schedule you for a session of your own.

Its time for you to make your own decisions about Reflexology and its benefits on your ailments!